Barbara Minard

Counsellor, EMDR Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Accredited Healer

Crystal Bed

Image of crystal therapy

The Crystal Bed is a framework that has seven quartz crystals suspended above the bed. The crystals light up and radiate each with the colour relating to each chakra in certain frequencies and rhythms.

If one or more of the seven main chakras is blocked or is unable to vibrate freely, it creates an imbalance that can be manifested in physical ailments, emotional distress or mental upset.

The chakras get cleansed, energised and aligned with each other while being activated by their own colours through the crystal energies. This allows our mental, emotional or physical body to be brought back into balance.

A Healing Session

You will be fully clothed lying on a comfortable massage bed covered with a blanket and you will be given an eye mask or you can bring your own. The room will be kept in the dark while the Light Therapy will be on and a relaxing music will be played (you can bring your own music if you prefer). You will be left on your own. This will be a time for you to relax, meditate and let go of your stress and worries.

It is recommended to start with a 35-minute session (5 minutes set up, 20 minutes Crystal Light Healing, 10 minutes chat and closure). You will be able to increase the session length during subsequent sessions if you wish, but the maximum recommended is 45 minutes on the bed.


Most people report one or several of the following:

What does it feel like during a treatment?

Overall, the majority of people experience a general feeling of peace and relaxation, a reduction in stress-related issues, and an increased emotional balancing.

Some people have experienced a slight headache or their body feeling odd after a session. You are advised to drink plenty of water to release the toxins and allow the body to continue the cleansing that the crystal bed has started. You are also advised to be in a quite restful place for the rest of the day to allow the chakras to be balanced.

Some people have reported strange dreams a night or two after a session. They usually are about current issues coming to the surface of the conscious mind and ready to be addressed.

Some people feel absolutely nothing during the session but experience dreams, or emotional releases in the week following treatment.

Remember that we are all unique and we get the experience we need at the time.


One session: £30

A block of 5 sessions: £130

This therapy does not replace any medical treatment. This is a complementary therapy. You must continue seeing your doctor and follow your medical treatment.