Barbara Minard

Counsellor, EMDR Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Accredited Healer

Inner Child Therapy

Healing the Inner Child is a powerful therapeutic experience. Under hypnosis, it goes safely back to painful events where the child developed unhealthy coping mechanisms that helped him survive then but prevent him to be fulfilled in adulthood. Once these dysfunctional patterns of behaviour are identified and explained, they are being transformed.

Healing begins with getting to the source of any pain whether it is physical, mental or emotional. Growing up, we all experience a range of positive and negative family dynamics we subconsciously absorb like sponges.

The hold these memories have on us keeps us stuck in life patterns that are no longer serving us and limits our ability to fulfil our potential and be at peace with ourselves. Escaping from a prison of toxic conditioning requires dedicated attention to identify the patterns

Once we can identify these wound producing stories, we can reframe them so that healing can occur. If we were raised with parents or caregivers that had their own challenges, it is likely that they were not able to give us the love, the attention and the nurturing every child deserves.

It is important to realise that our parents or caregivers were all doing the best they could at their own level of consciousness. We are not responsible for any of their actions, failings or neglect. It was not their fault nor is it ours.

A child who has experienced traumas, grief, abuse will have some frozen parts of himself that will control the adult in a negative way through lack of confidence, uncontrolled fears and self sabotaging. A child who has integrated negative comments and limiting beliefs may be unable to realise his/her full potential as an adult.

We integrate our scolding parent’s voice in our Inner Adult. And most of the time, this inner voice scolds the child, sometimes nonstop. If we listen to our inner dialogue, we can hear ourselves tell the child what it is doing wrong or how he/she is not good enough. We need to allow our Inner Adult to become loving and nurturing to our child.

A Healing the Inner Child session allows you to reconnect with you Inner Child and safely revisit the painful memories that hold you back. These events are explained and reframed by your Inner Adult with love and support.  Then your Inner Child, feeling loved and accepted just as he/she is, is given the resources and strengths he/she needs to grow up and fulfil his/her potential.

Healing the Inner Child sessions last up to two hours.