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What is Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching aims to help you  tap into your higher purpose by connecting to the divine, working with the universe, taking control of your happiness, stepping into your power, helping you to discover and embrace your true self, Do you want to consciously create?  You will learn about the laws of the Universe, such as the Law of Vibration, Manifestation and more. Sessions include coaching and energy healing.

How does Spiritual Coaching work? 

During the first part of the session, we shall be talking, exploring and identifying. During the second part, you will be receiving a healing.

What to expect from a healing:

You will be lying down, fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. and the healing is done without physical contact. During the session the therapist connects with the cosmic and earth energies, and their heart centre and carries out the healing. I will hold my hands above your body while you close your eyes and rest. My hands remain suspended above the body and I work with the chakra system to move, or "comb energy" to clear blockages and create balance between the chakra energy centres. I will also strengthen the connection between the divine, your seven energy centres and Mother Earth. Most people feel a sense of calm during the session, as though they enter a meditative state, while others feel a little heat or warmth, other people relax so much, they fall asleep entirely!

Price: £130
1.5 Hour
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