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What is Quantum Alignment? 

Quantum Alignment reconnects your 'aura', or 'electro-magnetic energy field' to the universal and planetary grid system. Without this connection, you are limited by your memories and experiences to date. However with this connection in place, you can access the infinite possibilities within the Universe and thus have easier access to your optimal life and choices. 

How does Quantum Alignment work? 

The therapist activates energy points and acupuncture/meridian lines around the body which is a process of reconnection of your “small self” to the “infinite self,” a reconnection to the divine within. This connection connects you to self, to others, to the lines of Telluric Forces, the Earth, the Cosmos and its Sun. You are plugged into Source’s energy, accelerating your spiritual growth and raising your vibration.


The alignment protocol consists of two one hour sessions that take place on two consecutive days.

What to expect from a session:

You will be lying down, fully clothed on a comfortable massage table and the alignment is done without physical contact. During the session the therapist connects with the cosmic and earth energies, and their heart centre and carries out the alignment. The two sessions last about one hour each and include some time beforehand to set your intentions as well as some time afterwards to share your experience.

After the second session, you will be given a breathing exercise (that takes five minutes) that should be done for the next five days to stabilise the new energies. It is also recommended to receive a healing and chakra balancing session prior to having the alignment to help your body ease into the new energies, however this is not compulsory.


People who received an alignment feel transformed, more connected and many have life changing experiences. The alignment is to be done once in your lifetime. However, it can be redone after an accident or a serious illness.

Price: £200Total
2 Hours over 2 Days
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