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Congratulations on your decision to stop smoking!

If you are willing to stop, but you are concerned about withdrawal symptoms, gaining weight, restlessness and more, hypnosis can help you.

There is no need to list all the damage smoking is causing you, you hear about it all the time, but have you thought about the benefits you will receive when you stop smoking?

Apart from being healthier, having far more energy, feeling proud of yourself for having broken an expensive self-destructive habit, and smelling good, which one appeals to you most?

  • Happily flying to the other end of the world without feeling restless?

  • Staying relaxed and enjoying your meal inside a restaurant when it is cold and rainy?

  • Feeling free and having more money to spend on yourself?

  • Being able to work without being interrupted by a demanding habit?

  • Ending the nicotine slavery and getting control back of your life?

Whichever it is, you might stop smoking in one session.

What to expect from a session:

You may smoke when you are stressed, bored, feeling uncomfortable, out with friends, after a meal, drinking alcohol or coffee etc. Hypnosis works with your unconscious mind to release these habits and associations and can make it that much easier to quit. 


The two-hour session is tailored around your smoking habits and your concerns about stopping.

We address:

  • The triggers that prompt you to smoke

  • Your smoking routine

  • Your fears around stopping, so that you can experience none or very little withdrawal symptoms

Price: £250
Session Duration: 2 Hours

Stop Smoking

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